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Heating Pad /Hot bath
Started by Joe
Posted: October 25, 2008 at 23:59
when you feel "Clotty" in the legs... even though you are on coumadin or levenox... do you ever take a hot bath or use a heating pad to sort of losen things up in you legs.
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #1 by John in Dallas
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 06:41
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #2 by John in Dallas
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 06:56
Just what the hell is feeling "clotty" in the legs? I don't think your post is genuine. You ask to use a heating pad to sort of "losen" things up. What is this and where are you coming from?
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #3 by Amandajane
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 07:02
I know what you mean by clotty in the legs. You must have
inherited thrombophilia thats what I have and yes sometimes
you just need to look after your legs even on coumadin. I
dont think a hot pad or bath would help but I find putting
my legs up on the wall and letting the blood drain away from
them makes my legs feel better. You may have vericous veins
if your getting that feeling as thats often what my legs
get especially just before a period. You dont mention your age but
things get a bit worse as you get older. As for you John in Dallas
shame on you making someone feel ashamed for something they posted.
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #4 by Joe
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 11:07
Thanks Amanda,
For my condition - Thrombophilia is the propensity to develop thrombosis (blood clots) due to an abnormality in the system of coagulation... I have NO genetic disorders... However I am a 2X member in the DVT club and 1X member in the PE club... So yes I do clot.

I realize the theory is that you can not feel a DVT, However you can feel Phlibitis (vein is hard and may even feel like there is a knot) in the great saphenous vein (GSV) and I also "Feel" clotty, (pulls and tinges in the calf) as if you have a muscle pull...

I guess the word "Feel" is subjective, but most of us have Felt the "Pull" in the leg... knowing it was a clot...

Actually, I do take hot baths and use the heating pad... and it does releive inflamation in the GSV and does relieve the clotty feeling... For me at lease... I just wondered in others are doing the same thing...

Again amanda, Thank you for your feed back...

cheers! John!

Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #5 by Char
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 11:20
Hey Joe, I am not sure you cannot feel a DVT; I sure did feel my DVT and ignored the symptoms. Felt it in my right calf and felt it travel into the groin, took several weeks or longer for me to realize I had a lung problem. Felt it in my left leg, but by that time I was on Warfarin and the left leg had no visual clots, just vein damage. I have not been tested for a genetic disorder, but I inherited something from my Mother and it was not money.
I do not take hot baths or use a heating pad; living in Florida hot does not feel good. Probably would do the hot if I still lived in Wisconsin.

Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #6 by John in Dallas
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 21:42

I apolologize to you and to everyone in the forum for my remark. When I read your post I thought someone was goofing off and not a real question after all the spam I have seen here.

When I think back to how my leg felt before I was diagnosed, my calf felt like I had a pulled muscle. After diagsosis and I was on anticoagulants for a few weeks, the thigh area where the clot was located had a sort of dull ache. At the time I was journaling everything and refered to it as "vein pain." Is this similar to your feeling "clotty"? I used a heating pad on it and it seemed to help at the time.

Take care, and again I'm sorry.

Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #7 by albee
Posted: October 28, 2008 at 03:20
what type of pain or pull did you all feel ? Im curious as I went to the ER for test and the results came back negative for DVT.I still have minor ache in my calf...and Im not certain of the accuracy of the ER testing.
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #8 by Amandajane
Posted: October 28, 2008 at 06:26
I am so pleased John in Dallas.
Yes I agree with the vein pain theory when you have a dvt.
I found as soon as I put pressure on the area as in standing(for legs) or bending forward(for chest dvt) that an instant pain is felt.
Superficial clots hurt more but there is early warning signs of dvt pain before our bodys swell and we cant feel them. If heat works do what you can because vein pain is no fun.
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #9 by Amandajane
Posted: October 28, 2008 at 06:32
Actually just an ad on Joe what do you think causes your
dvt if you dont have any inherited trace. Maybe you cant
do certain things like drink alcohol. What sets them off
just out of curiousity.?
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #10 by Joe
Posted: October 28, 2008 at 22:02
Well, This discussion is Much Better... No issues here John, thanks for the apology... I know you are a good guy! ;) Your vein pain is exactly what I am calling "clotty"... WE , know its not a muscle problem or cramp... but a clot..

Some answers to above:
I cant drink alcohol as I suffer from GOUT.... I make home made wine and there is about 100 gallons in the basement... Cant touch it and need to get rid of it... But cant bring myself to pour it down the drain... :(

Both of my clots were caused during Cycling season... When I told the Dr's they thought I Should NOT have clots due to all the exercise I do...

I do NOT have any genetic disorders or hyper homosystien levels (sp?)

I do have GOUT , and excessive exercise exaserbates the problem... Interestingly enough, the clots in my legs were formed in the leg that was having a Gout Flare... My right leg this year has been a real problem ... and hence a clot (May) in that leg... Last year it was the left leg... Doctors do NOT believe its Gout related. The results are compelling...

My personal belief is that, the joint inflamation in the leg (ankle) is some how forming a clot... How I dont know....

I am on colchacine on a maintenance schedule and will be starting Probenic (sp?) with colchacine as soon as my script is filled....

As to the original topic, I believe that hot baths and heating pads work to aleviate some issues in the legs... Even in the summer, after a long ride, I will take a hot bath... Just for 15 minutes...

Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #11 by Susan
Posted: October 28, 2008 at 23:14
Amandajane,, I am curious why did you mention alcohol, does it have any ties to DVT

Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #12 by Joe
Posted: October 29, 2008
From my understanding , alchol is suppose to keep the blood from clotting... google (alcohol blood clotting). However I think most of this reference of clotting in on the Arterial side (platelets & plaque)... Not the vein side (fibrin) ...
Alchol is a mild diuretic which is not good for us...

I love a good glass of wine, but to many factors for me...
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #13 by Amandajane
Posted: October 29, 2008 at 06:33
I mentioned alcohol because if your blood becomes sticky from dehydration that is one factor.
Thats a bit suspicious that you got it with your gout. I know
the doctor says no but maybe it has something to do with fluid
that may constrict the veins etc . Just a thought Joe. See if you
are cycling alot A you may be sticky or B your body automatically
puts fluid around any over stretched or injured muscles. You
may be onto something there. I walk 12km a day in my job and I have
been on coumadin for five years now. I am on it for life. So I make sure that I drink water all day. Especially here in Queensland. It hits 30c and over and summer hasnt come yet!
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #14 by Norma Clarke
Posted: August 1, 2010
I had a blood clot in one leg just above the knee 8 months ago. I went off heparin after one week in the hospital,and ultrasound indicated some clot weeks later,even tyho I was on minimum Coumadum.
A new Hemotologist put me on heparin for about 2 weeks and then back on Coumadum. I wear support hose,and want to take a bath,but my Dr. hasn't told me yet,if this is OK.
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #15 by Paula
Posted: August 2, 2010 at 11:07
Hi Norma

I was diagnosed with a dvt last July and have continued to have baths as soon as I was to get in and out of the bath (got my dvt from a combination of knee surgery, being on the pill and having Factor V).

No one ever told me that I couldn't or shouldn't have a bath.

Maybe ask your Dr if there are any specific reasons why you can't have a bath.

Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #16 by Shirl
Posted: August 3, 2010 at 22:10
When waiting for my rx for compression stockings to be filled, I read a pamphlet that indicated for general leg artery and vein health...NEVER TAKE A HOT BATH OR SHOWER. Just repeating what I read. It came under the same "do nots" as wearing restrictive clothing, etc. Heat constricts blood flow?? Not sure but, it sounds like it makes sense.
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #17 by david mayerchk
Posted: December 6, 2011 at 02:18
i have dvt and lately at night it feels real cold and aching in my foot
i cant seem to get it to warm up so can i use a heating pad for short
periods of time say 15 min just to help with my coldaching pain?
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #18 by steven
Posted: December 12, 2011 at 05:21
My doctor told me I could take hot baths.
Re: Heating Pad /Hot bath
Reply #19 by linda
Posted: June 30, 2012 at 17:00
Just diagnosed a few days ago
n neva thought to ask about
hot baths :-( can anyone give
me a yes/no answer please :-)
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