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Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Started by Marie
Posted: August 9, 2008 at 14:50

Hi all, thanks for the info.. Faye, what is Paracetamol? Can anyone tell me what to expect since I am still having a menstrual cycle and on Coumadin. On Thursday 8/7 I had my first cycle since the DVT/PE diagnosis. I am having the worst cramps, back pain, dizziness, nausea and of course I'm flowing like a fountain thanks to the Coumadin. Could this cause me to become anemic?

Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #1 by ellieuk
Posted: August 9, 2008 at 18:30
Not medically trained but paracetamol is pain relief common in uk -does not contain asprin and is usually ok for those with blood disorders. You need to google it
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #2 by Sharon
Posted: August 10, 2008 at 05:09
Yes, you could become anemic. The dizziness and nausea are a concern. Is that normal for you?
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #3 by Faye
Posted: August 10, 2008 at 12:46
I have my hb (iron) checked regularly as I am 30 and still menstruating obv. It could cause you to be anaemic definitely but the nausea and dizziness as Sharon well said need to be checked out!

Googling paracetamol will explain it far quicker than I can! It is our cheap, first line pain killer here in UK for most people it is suitable, few contraindications. I think cheap has a lot to do with it too!!

Your periods will probably be affected by the coumadin, I have started cerazette and have been bleeding slow and constant for 4 weeks and today I THINK (we'll see) I have started another proper period. What joy! I saw family planning and they said my periods my stop altogether on this pill and to persist for 3-6 months. I'm up for the challenge!!

I remember having periods with dizziness and nausea as a teen, perhaps it is just that, BUT you should get it checked out just in case it is related to your coumadin use or your clots.

Let us know how you get on.

Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #4 by Maria
Posted: August 11, 2008 at 21:10
Hi Marie,

My cramps and pain became severe and I began bleeding heavily when I started Coumadin. The cramps were much, much worse than usual and I had to take a narcotic pain reliever since I couldn't take Aleve which usually works. I added Nattokinase (see the post for info) and a pleasant side effect was the lessening of the bleeding. Thank goodness! Later, I looked up the benefits of Nattokinase and it is used to treat endometreosis. Here's a link to a doctor's Q & A regarding this problem. You are not alone! Good luck to you! http://www.thrombosisawareness.org/ask/88.html
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #5 by Marie
Posted: August 12, 2008
Thanks for the web site Maria, I'm going to check it out now... Everyday I seem to have new problems with this Coumadin..I did go to the doctor today 8/11 and my blood count was 12.1 which was good according to the doctor, so no anemia here thank GOD... INR was 2.3 and that is a pretty good level they said. Today made a month since my diagnosis and treatment, I can tell my hair is thinning, I'm itching, fatigued, lightheaded and I feel sick on my stomach. Please tell me it gets better.. another thing, How and when can they tell if the clots have dissolved, my doctor said they don't want to redo the CT scan????????
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #6 by ellieuk
Posted: November 23, 2008 at 19:00
Thanks Marie - really useful link.
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #7 by Amandajane
Posted: November 25, 2008 at 06:13
I am 37 and find my periods are alot heavier but over alot sooner. I used to slowly bleed for about 4-5 days. Now I only have a 2 day period but believe me it all comes out at once. !
I find I take mersyndol nighttime which has a muscle relaxent in it and it helps me take away all the period pains involved. People on warfarin can take this. I have been on warfarin for 5 years or so and never had a problem with it. It works great. Unfortunatly heavy periods are part of the parcel. A small price to pay for being alive.
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #8 by ellieujk
Posted: November 25, 2008 at 14:27
Now been menstruating for 18 + days since put back on warfarin since PEs discovery (31/10/08)/past dvt etc. Im 43 and have had past probs with heavy periods/miscarriages. Children are not in my future - good luck to those who trying! Refused any surgery!

Life warfarin now. Clotting is causing sleepless nights/unpleasant days. Currently using incontinence pads as much more absorbent/larger. Tried to get appointment with Dr discussed this with a week ago but got locum (trainee?). She just wanted to send me back to A&E to get scans more quickly and re-check INR (1.3-1.5 checked due to other problems over last week so what a waste of time?). Did not want to go there - scared they'd keep me in hospital again (horrid experience last time) and refused.

Am going for BUPA help now - seem to go round in circles asking for help NHS wise but cant really afford it. Any advice?
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #9 by Amandajane
Posted: November 26, 2008 at 05:01
Gees ellieujk,
I feel for you. Mine only lasts two days but makes up for a weeks worth. I was that worried as to what I was expelling that I showed a doctor and she said it was the lining of the uterus and normal on warfarin. I am 37 have you had that? I dont know if she was just fobbing me off.
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #10 by ellieuk
Posted: November 26, 2008 at 14:03
Yes - some clots as large as 3cm diameter - I can feel them passing through - sometimes I cant get to toilet fast enough to dispel and even the incontinence pads cant absorb. Frightened to go out in case of a accident and being embarrassed. Sorry - really disgusting!

Been told it's normal too! Spoke to GP on phone last night - she is writing a referral to gynaecologist for me to get properly checked out . My Warfarin nurse does have concerns about length and heavyness but says she has another patient going through same. Shes a lucky one and they are going to do hysterectomy! I cant have one due to too many other issues I'm told so far. Nurse says it is quite typical when on warfarin to have problems with periods. My INR around 1.3 today - she has upped Warfarin to 5mg for today then 3.5 rest of week. All medical staff just reiterate that I must phone 999 if get any "symptoms".
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #11 by Michelle
Posted: November 26, 2008 at 15:18
Paracetamol is the same as Tylenol here in Canada / US. I'd worry about getting clots that size. I was on coumadin right after having a baby, and worried like crazy about bleeding. Even after having a baby, I had a few clots, but none the size you're having. In all the years I've been on coumadin (7 now), I've had very heavy periods, but none with clots that were visable. I'd ask for a second opinion from a gynecologist. Big clots don't sound right to me. If you think about it logically, coumadin should prevent any clotting - but could make you bleed more. That's been my experience over the last few years.
Yes, you certainly could be anemic with all that bleeding. In fact, many adult females are anemic anyway - even those NOT on blood thinners. Chances are you need to be on an iron suppliment. Have your doctor run a hemaglobin test on your blood. Being anemic can make you very tired, pale, weak, and fainting. Any clots should really be investigated by an OB/GYN. You might have some issues with your uterus that need addressing.
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #12 by ellieuk
Posted: November 26, 2008 at 20:07
Good advice thanks Michelle. Forgot to mention i'm taking iron supplements. Am taking a lot more notice of my bodys' instructions nowadays than i ever have (hopefully not becoming obsessed tho). Hope you and family ok!
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #13 by Amandajane
Posted: November 27, 2008 at 05:44
Hi ellieuk,
I too get them around the same size. I have had them even bigger. Sounds like it might just be normal. I used to have alot of problems with passing these before I was on coumadin so obviously we are just that sort of people. You have to remember too that you and I are older than alot of them on this site and our bodys whether we like it or not will be changing before we hit menopause. Did you know you get pre menopause . I wonder if that is what we have. My mother and hers started their meopause at 42 so I only have 5 years to go ouch! lol
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #14 by Maytee
Posted: November 27, 2008 at 17:48
Thank God I crossed this website. I like you Ellieuk have lots of disgusting clothing
and bleed so much that I use incontinence pads I have to change 8 times or more a
day now I have a regular period I usually have period every 4 months or so but now I
have them painfully every month and they last 9 days. The time when I was put on
heparin for the first time do to my double Pulmonary embolism it lasted 14 days. I
take 10 mg of Coumadin every day I been on it for 5 months and need to take them
for only 1 year. I noticed that every time I check my INR and it falls 2 days before my
period my INR is 1.2 (off range I need between 2 and 3). I don't know if periods and
INR results have a correlation but it happens every month when my INR test and my
period are 2 days or less apart. Did anyone notice some weird readings due to the
menstrual cycle?
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #15 by ellieuk
Posted: November 29, 2008 at 17:41
Hi! Maytee/Amanda Jane/Michelle - hope all ok! Horrible isn't it? Now been having these problems (period/clotting continuously) since 6 Nov - seems like forever! Sleep interupted/worry about going out etc! My INR hovers around 1.3 which is just not good enough. Dont know answers but am booked in with private gyny (had to go that route NHS lists too long for me to cope with following long list of problems over last year or so) Its on 8 Dec so may have some answers then! Get anything useful i'll post it X
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #16 by trish
Posted: December 2, 2008
I have been on BCP for more than 10 years and had a DVT in October. I had a menstual cycle after my clot but now I am pass due by 3 days. I am on coumadin and have been waitng for my cycle. Is there a delay because I am off BCP or on coumadin? I performed a pregnancy test just to make sure and it was negative. Any suggestions? Husband is worried sick because of the side effects of coumadin if pregnancy occurs.
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #17 by Michelle
Posted: December 2, 2008 at 13:27
Tell your husband not to worry. I was on the pill for 10 years, then had a baby, then had the DVT. After my periods started again, I've found that they're not as perfect as they used to be when I was on the pill. Because the pill has synthetic hormones that regulate your monthly hormone levels, you get a period regularly every 28 days (or so). Without the pill, it's back to just your body producing hormones - so it could be anything from a 21 day - 35 day cycle that's oerfect for your body. Stress can cause a delayed / missed period, so you might not even get one this month with all you've been going through. Chances are, you'll relax, and then it's going to hit you!
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #18 by me
Posted: December 4, 2008 at 01:11
trish, yes b/c you went off the pill your cyle will not be regular for awhile. it might be regular but it might not. if it isn't don't worry. your horomones have to adjust
Re: Menstrual cycle and Coumadin
Reply #19 by Amandajane
Posted: December 4, 2008 at 21:11
Hi everyone!
This is so good to read all this . I actually got worried
there for a while. One thing I wonder is has anyone of you
found you get a bit more forgetfull than normal around that time.
I am sure warfarin is to blame for that one as my memory has
gone down hill . Especially at period time. I wonder what it
is . Oh and I lose my balance alot.
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