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How quickly should Coumadin work
Started by Patty
Posted: December 13, 2007 at 14:28
I was diagnosed with DVT in left leg on Oct. 30, started on Coumadin immediately, with Lovenox injections for one week. Had an ultrasound yesterday and the doctor says not much has changed with the clot. It has been 6 weeks and he expected more change. Going back in another week for an ultrasound and if still no change I'll be doing the injections again. My question to the group is what have others experienced regarding how quickly their clots have dissolved while on Coumadin.

I'm so happy to have found this forum. Great information and support!
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #1 by Amy
Posted: December 14, 2007 at 01:45
I was diagnosed with a possible clot in my leg Aug 1, 2007. Possible because I had a positive d-dimer, but the ultra sound missed it. Apparently clots from the knee down are difficult to detect. I live in northern NH so maybe our hospitals aren't as well equiped. At any rate the Doc treated my leg with Advil as she couldn't positively identify a clot. 3 days later the "fried" clot travelled to my lungs. I had the Lovenox shots for 8 days as well as the Coumadin. It took a long time for my INR to be within range. They claim that after 5 days in range that the clot is no longer fried, but skinned over. I eventually made my way to a hematologist who ran a panel of tests that showed I have Factor V Leiden mutation--a genetic blood disorder. He had a difficult time mantaining my INR levels. Long story short, your doctor should order regular pro-time tests to check your INR. Usually everyday to every other day until you maintain a level. Then they move to a week, etc. Ask about the reliabilty of the ultra sound. With my recent diagnosis and the fact that the clot travelled to my lungs I am now on Coumadin for the rest of my life. If the clot had only made it to my leg and never travelled on I would've been all set to just be careful about surgeries, long trips etc. I was on the Lovenox for a longer period because my INRs weren't high enough. Once they were I didn't need it. I'm only 36 and in great shape (thank god) I think being a drinker, smoker or obese adult would have changed the outcome. Best of luck to you!
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #2 by Sharon
Posted: December 14, 2007 at 04:22
Welcome to the forum Patty. It's important to know that the anticoagulant doesn't dissolve your clot--it only prevents further growth--theoretically. Did not stop my clots--I also have FVL as well as APS (antiphospholipids). It is actually your body that dissolves the clot--and the valves in your veins that may be embedded in the clot. The veins will 'recanalize' and make the clot a part of the vessel wall. I had 3 major veins clotted--the one in the calf, recanalized very quickly--maybe a couple of months. The two in the thigh are still occluded after six months on shots, tho I have some 'trickle flow' in one of them now. So, it's different for each person AND within each person. Good luck!
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #3 by Sue
Posted: December 17, 2007 at 02:10
Mine diagnosed on Oct 31st and it took 10days of injections and warfrin to get INR over 2 but since then having had blood tests every week and 7.5mg daily of Coumadin the INR has gone down to 1.7. My doseage has been increased to try and raise it again. I experienced no pain for about two weeks then it returned and I've now pain in the other leg. I had a second ultra sound which showed slight improvement with blood being able to trickle through but I was told it could take months. Some days are pain free but others not. I don't know if the injections will help. I was told that they just stopped the clot getting larger. Let us know how it affects your condition please. Good luck!
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #4 by Diane
Posted: December 18, 2007 at 05:07
Patty and Sue,
Were either of you given any possible cause for your blood clots? Were either of you offered TPA (dripped into vein via catheter) to dissolve your clots. There is a slight risk of death with TPA so it may be reserved for the worst cases. I had TPA and it dissolved my clot within a week, but my clot was in the groin and was so massive the TPA was necessary to save my life and my leg. Just wondering where your clots are located (leg or groin) and on which side (right or left)?
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #5 by Jackie
Posted: December 18, 2007 at 05:07
OK- here;s the thing about coumadin and lovenox. Coumadin takes about a week ( more or less) to start working to " thin" the blood. Thats why we are all started on heparin/lonvenx. The thing about coumadin, is it has a very long 1/2 life- about 36 hours. this means that in 36 hrs, about half the dosage is still "in" your body. A dosage change can take about a week to show its affects. we all have been frustrated by the flucuation in the INR-
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #6 by Patty
Posted: December 18, 2007 at 14:11
Hi Diane and everyone,
The only possible cause I've been given is taking HRT for many years (about 10 ... I am now 59). The doctor mentioned TPA and that he doesn't want to go that route because of the high risk. My clot is in my left leg, behind the knee. My INR has been 2.7, 2.8 for 3 weeks, and 2.2 for one week prior to that. It took several weeks to get it there. If the scan today does not show any improvement I will be tested for blood clotting disorders. And I'll be asking LOTS OF QUESTIONS!! Thanks all!
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #7 by chris
Posted: December 19, 2007 at 10:38
patty..seems we are in the same boat so to speak.i am awaiting a referral to a haematologist to do the clotting tests as my clot did return in my right leg,,groin to knee.i have pain with it now but its bearable and i am up and about walking cycling etc as i have been told to do this rather than sitting and wearing the compulsory compression stocking..i hope it all goes well for you.keep us posted on here,take care and be safe,,chris in scotland
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #8 by Linda
Posted: September 12, 2011 at 19:15
My father just got his INR within range about a week ago but both of
his legs are swollen, red and painful (when he walks alot). The pain does go away once he sits down and rests. My questions are will his legs
ever return to their normal size? How long could it take for the
Coumadin to work? and has anyone tried the clot-busting injections into
the veins if Coumadin doesnt work? (his legs have been swollen for about
3 weeks now and he is so discouraged)
Re: How quickly should Coumadin work
Reply #9 by liz
Posted: December 29, 2011 at 17:25
How can blood clot if your INR is always at 2.22 .My INR is stable but I now have a clot in my left leg. Starting Hepairn today.
Why is there a clot.??
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