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When can i fly
Started by Tom Burgess
Posted: September 21, 2007 at 16:09
Was diagnosed with DVT this week after a fracture to my left leg. I'm on the usual injections and Warfarin for three months. I was meaant to be flying long haul (10 hour flight) in two months but will now be cancelling this holiday.
Does anyone know when i can fly after my treatment finishes?
Also is there a restriction to the length of flights i can go on?
Re: When can i fly
Reply #1 by Dave Ellis
Posted: September 21, 2007 at 21:44
I had my first DVY in september 2002was put on warfarin and told not to fly for 3 months. I was taken of warfarin in january 2003 and within teo weeks suffered another DVT. I am now on lifelong warfarin and the longest my doctor has allowed me to fly is 4 1/2 hrs which form gb gives you a reasonable holiday area but he will not let me fly to the states says it to far. I make up for the lack of the states by cruiseing the mediteranean with my wife and the flight to Majorca is only just over two hrs. Hope this helps. By the way I am haveing a hip replacement next week and been told all being well I should be able to fly to spain just after christmas so things aint to bad on warfarin just watch you vitamin K intake and alchohol intake and life is good.
Re: When can i fly
Reply #2 by Richard
Posted: September 22, 2007
Have you spoken to your doctor about the holiday you are planning to cancel?

I flew (admittedly only for 4 hours each way) three months after my DVT. My doctor told me that because I was on Warfarin I'd be one of the safest people on the flight with regard to getting a DVT.

I'm now off Warfarin and will be speaking to my doctor before my next flight in January. I think he told me last year that it might be advisable to have Heparin injections prior to flying, but I'll check that out with him.

Finally, when you do fly again, remember the basic precautions which are mentioned in virtually every thread here about flying:
Lots of water; no alcohol, tea or coffee; regular exercise - walking or at least flexing your feet; support socks or stockings.
Re: When can i fly
Reply #3 by Tom Burgess
Posted: September 22, 2007 at 13:09
Yes i spoke to them but the info i received from the doctors wasn't great. One said i could fly 4-6 weeks after treatment starts and the other said not to fly for 3-4 months. After reading the postings and doing a bit of research i've gone with waiting the 3-4 months. I know there will always be a risk when flying and will take the basic precautions but don't want this to effect my life too much. Is perscribing injections before flying common practice?
Re: When can i fly
Reply #4 by Glenn Lucas
Posted: October 10, 2007 at 12:58
My chemotherapy for lung cancer should finish on 19th October 07 l originally wanted to fly to Canada on the 19th November 07. my doctor says to leave it for a few months, but said if l really wanted to go l should be ok, l've never had dvt, the flight would be 7hours or so.
Has anyone had similar circumstances and are there any suggestions on precautions, l know it's my decision, but, any tips!
Re: When can i fly
Reply #5 by jamie
Posted: May 20, 2008 at 09:27
I suffered a clot in january after my appendix was removed and am now on warfin for 6 months.
Does anyone know if it would be okay to fly to the states in september after having a pe in january.
Re: When can i fly
Reply #6 by Adrian
Posted: May 20, 2008 at 10:01
I had bilateral PE in February and was concerned that I couldn't fly to Thailand for my booked flight in April. I suffer from protein s deficiency. My specialist said I would be ok after 8 weeks on warfarin, provided my INR was in the therapeutic range (2.0-3.0) before I flew. He also said to take the usual precautions of stockings, getting up for a walk at regular intervals, limit coffee and alcohol (preferably none) and drink plenty of water. I was fine... 11.5 hour flight going and 12.5 hour flight coming back. What I did do was to get my INR checked privately 3-4 days before I flew back. This was useful as my INR had dropped to 1.6, so having contacted my clinic back in the UK, they upped my tablets 1mg a day for the remaining days leading up to my flight (I usually take 7-8mg warfarin a day). I too was unsure because there is so little information about it. Prior to my recent PE, my specialist had given me heparin to self inject before any flight greater than 4 hours duration. Hope this helps.
Re: When can i fly
Reply #7 by Adrian
Posted: May 20, 2008 at 22:46
Footnote to my previous posting:
Donít forget to buy pre-existing condition medical insurance just in case you do get any problems. Mine worked out at double the cost of normal travel insurance when I declared thrombosis/previous clots (although some quotations were downright ridiculous - so shop around).

Re: When can i fly
Reply #8 by Shana
Posted: June 18, 2008 at 03:35
My doctor today told me I was OK to fly (4hrs LAX to ATL) and not to worry because I am on Coumadin, and in a good INR range. I am 9mths into treatment, feel fine, no issues, but I am worried just the same. I would rather fly because driving takes forever and will cost more, but I don't want to get another clot.

Any thoughts?

Re: When can i fly
Reply #9 by Sharon
Posted: June 18, 2008 at 05:28
Anyone who is worried about your INR remaining in range while you're flying can ask your doc for shots of Lovenox (Clexane) every 12 hours or Arixtra which will cover you 24 hrs to cover you round trip. That is the most insurance along with frequent movement and hydration--then have fun!

Listen to the docs first!
Re: When can i fly
Reply #10 by Shana
Posted: June 18, 2008 at 05:51
Thanks Sharon! I hope you are feeling better, I've read of your latest issues - so sorry it happened to you, for someone who helps us so much : )

Can I take the shots on Coumadin too? I know I did that in the hospital but only because I was being crossed over to Coumadin in the first place.


Re: When can i fly
Reply #11 by Graeme Tomkins
Posted: July 20, 2008 at 10:43
Mt girlfriend may have a clot on her lung, and may have to go on warfarin. If this is right will we be able to flight long and short haul?
Re: When can i fly
Reply #12 by james
Posted: July 31, 2008 at 17:15
was told ok to fly just docsaid move arouns as much as possible ,drink plenty of liquid.
Re: When can i fly
Reply #13 by Dave W
Posted: April 30, 2009 at 11:15
Just had hip replacement I idea when i can fly probably short haul?
Re: When can i fly
Reply #14 by WILL I BE SAFE.
Posted: June 19, 2009 at 12:07
Iwas digagnosed with bilateral pe in february, and since this is m third lot, i am now on warfarin for life. We would like to take a 4-5 hour flight on a last minute holiday in July, but my inr level is staying at around 1.5-1.8, since then. will this make difference with regard to flying? i would be grateful for any advice as i feel uneasy, and concerned. kay
Re: When can i fly
Reply #15 by Lori
Posted: June 19, 2009 at 17:03
Hi Kay,

Like you my INR runs a little on the low side, around 1.9. I fly a
lot for my job. If my flight is more than 3 hours, I take a Lovenox
injection to be extra safe. I also wear compression stockings and
drink only water and juice on the flight. You will be moving around
because if you are like me, the lovenox will make you pee like a

Check with your doctor to see if he/she will prescribe the Lovenox
(Clexane in Europe)syringes for you.
Re: When can i fly
Reply #16 by Maria
Posted: July 1, 2009 at 13:33
just going to start chemo, will i be able to take a flight of 2 and a half hours with no problems or should i speak to my doctor?
your help in appreciated.
Re: When can i fly
Reply #17 by annette watson
Posted: July 7, 2009 at 17:03
my husband had a mytro valve relacement over twenty years ago and has been on warfrin ever since,his inr has been a bit unsteady recently and is a bit worried about flying to spain.
he is 66 years old.would he be alwrite flying
Re: When can i fly
Reply #18 by k pinder
Posted: January 16, 2010 at 11:16
i had 2 blood clots on the lung 20 years ago i have never had another one iv only ever done 4 hrs flying would it be ok to up that to 5 hrs flying
Re: When can i fly
Reply #19 by Ross
Posted: January 16, 2010 at 20:13
I would have thought you should be able to do a 5 hour flight-did you get any blood clots elsewhere other than the lungs? You could ask whether you could/should have a Clexane injection before your flights which should provide you with extra cover/piece of mind. Would also be an idea to wear compression stockings and obviously get up often and walk around the aircraft and drink plenty of water (and no alcohol) to keep you hydrated.
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