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How long does it take DVT swelling to go down
Started by Lucy G
Posted: January 1, 2012 at 13:18
I developed a DVT in September after I sustained some serious knee
damage which left me very immobile. Despite me seeing the doctors
about it a number of times it wasn't diagnosed until I had a PE, about
4 weeks after the leg swelling started. They did a dopler scan and
said there was a clot behind my knee and started me on warfarin which
has delayed my surgery to fix the original knee injury. It is still
red and swollen (especially my foot) if I don't wear a support
stocking and the nurse at the DVT clinic said it would probably always
be a bad leg but that she wouldn't do a repeat scan. What I want to
know is whether it is likely to improve at all now or whether it will
be like this forever. Might it improve a little as the months
continue? I am hoping that once my knee is unlocked, that might help
but I can't get any information from anyone.
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