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Knee-high stockings - too tight?
Started by another Marie
Posted: November 28, 2011
Hi everyone! I've been reading all I can about compression stockings, but I can't find anything that will clearly tell me when the top bands on knee-high stockings would be too tight.

After wearing my new pair for a day, I have a light impression of the top band on my leg, and that area is pink. Is this normal? I'm trying not to worry, but in addition to my dvt/pe, I had superficial clots (dx 2yrs ago, last scan all clear!) and I don't want to cause any more!

(My stockings are from BrightLife - their Allegro brand - and I followed the sizing instructions very carefully.)

If you know how to tell when a knee-high stocking is too tight around that top band (under the knee), I'd appreciate the info! Thanks!
Re: Knee-high stockings - too tight?
Reply #1 by nancy
Posted: January 26, 2012 at 23:53
i ware kendall t.e.d stockings, thigh high, but they make knee high also. they are very comfortable. try asking your doctor where you can go to get fitted,so you can be sure its the right size. you dont want to do any more damage, then the clot did. some home health care places do measuring. hook home health did mine.
Re: Knee-high stockings - too tight?
Reply #2 by Sam
Posted: January 27, 2012
If you have followed the sizing instructions you should be fine. Depending on
your calf size/ tone you may have a small bulge over the top of the knee high. It
shouldn't cut into the back of your knee. If it rolls a bit at the top when you are
sitting, it can leave a red mark. I had this problem and switched to stockings with
a silicone band (or dots) at the top.
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