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Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Started by Kara
Posted: October 2, 2010 at 10:03
I am really hoping someone out there has answer for me. After the first day home from the hospital, I starting developing some really extreme pain in my leg from the DVT. It was in my femerol vain and the pain streches from the groin to my ankle. The swelling is almost completely gone but my calf muscle is killing me an it is very very tight. My husband think I strained it when I started walking again after laying in a hospital beed for 5 days. My INR is 2.2 at last check (2 days ago.) I called my dr and he wasn't concerned, but I can barely breathe through this pain. Should I go back to the emergency room?
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #1 by Claire
Posted: October 2, 2010 at 10:16
If the swelling has gone down & your inr is 2.2 I wouldn't be too concerned, it's
amazing how quickly your muscle can go away, if you've been totally bed bound
for 5 days then it will probably hurt to begin with , I remember not being able to
walk up & down stairs ( took that for granted), try taking Tylenol & just build
your muscle up gently, do some foot exersize like flexing & pointing your toes.
Remember I'm not a Dr, just someone who's been through this. It did take a few
weeks for the pain to go completely x
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #2 by Kara
Posted: October 2, 2010 at 10:21
Claire- Did you feel like the pain was unbearable the first couple of weeks? Since the swelling has now gone down, I am going to put the compression stockings on in the morning (it's 4:20am where I am.) I just keep thinkg that it is not normal to be in so much pain, but my husband keep assurring me that since I am theraputic, I am going to be ok. I don;t know- I have read some really scary stuff on the internet, which I shouldn't have done! I am 34 and have 3 kids at home so this is really affecting my lifestyle!
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #3 by Barbara
Posted: October 3, 2010 at 09:05
Did they remove the clot? The pain tends to go away when you elevate
the leg, or lay down. Now that you are walking around again the
swelling will come back as will the pain. Be advised you can re-clot
even being therapeutic on warfarin. I reclotted on warfarin and lovenox
shots, but having pain again after laying in the hospital probably just
has to do with blood starting to pool back in that leg.

Good luck!

Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #4 by Barbara
Posted: October 3, 2010 at 09:06
p.s. pain in the leg isn't really something to go to the emergency room
over if you have a clot. Having numbness or loss of sensitivity is bad,
it means you have no circulation.
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #5 by Claire
Posted: October 3, 2010 at 11:48
yes indeedy I had much pain ! I recall me & my hbby being in tears as he was
putting my stocking on for me as I couldn't bend my leg, it hurt like a b***ch. I
had to iron sitting down. Try not to worry ( I know it's not easy), it will get better
bit by bit. Ask as many questions as you need to, a bit of advice though. DON'T
GOOGLE . You will ( as I did), frighten yourself silly. You have survived this,
take your pills and live your life, yes it will be a little differently while you're on
warfarin . My pain was so great I could only walk a few steps without crying,
now I walk for miles & run !!
Please be assured the pain will get less, just give it time x
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #6 by Meeyah
Posted: October 10, 2010 at 14:09
Yes...time heals!! It only gets better from here. And I agree on the
no google rule...it can be needlessly terrifying. I have been using a
device called Venowave because the stockings were so difficult for me.
The Venowave worked like a charm it reduced the swelling and pain
significantly and also works to prevent DVT. I was off work for over a
year and I have been using the Venowave for over a month now. Definitely
worth giving it a shot! It is so worth it.
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #7 by celene
Posted: January 18, 2011 at 18:36
i just had a spinal fusion a few weeks ago but had really bad pain in my legs, went to the er and got diagnosed wtha dvt! i am on lovenox (70 mg) twice a day and coumadin (5mg)is this ever gonna go away? the pain is awful and i dont know weathe to walk around or lay down! someone please help!
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #8 by Steve O
Posted: January 22, 2011 at 20:48
I was diagnosed with DVT after an injury in my calf. A clot traveled to my lung and after 8 days I was released from the hospital. I suffered from pain in my injured calf while in the hospital but two days after returning home the pain became much worse to the point of being unbearable. The swelling has all but gone away but the pain is non-stop.The doctor is not interested and tells me it will pass.Dose any one have any suggestions...I'm open to anything.
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #9 by Naomi
Posted: January 26, 2011 at 16:20
With my most recent clot - right thigh, it was from the groin down to just behind the knee, in all veins and arteries (Femoral, illiac, popliteal and all superficials). The first couple days I noticed something wrong it felt like I had pulled a muscle in my groin. A small annoyance. By the third day, I was fatigued while walking, got extremely dizzy and nauseaus. The only time I had felt like that before was with my first clot so I went to the hospital just to be sure. I told them it felt like I had pulled a groin muscle, it was tight and sore.

After they diagnosed it and sent me home on thinners, it went from a slight annoyance to the most excrutiating pain I had ever experienced. I couldnt even sit up, had to lay down 24/7. I took Tylenol 2's every 4 hours and it would often wake me up at night when they wore off and I'd have to take more, wait for it to kick in and go back to sleep. The pain was like that for about the first month before it got a bit better where I could avoid the pain killers.
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #10 by bobo101
Posted: April 19, 2012 at 20:44
I experienced my DVT 2 weeks ago. Left leg to mid thigh. No PE as far as I know. On coumadin and shots while waiting for INR levels to become stable. My pain gets better everday and have added a blanket around my foot for warmth. Tylenol works only slighly and have found nothing really helps. Swelling reduced in 2-3 days at least 75%. 52 ,very active, BMI normal. Happened after a long flight 6 hours and did have a viral infection. I guess the perfect storm. So thankful to be alive. The more I read it seems alot of things have to come into play when this happens.
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #11 by Andy w
Posted: August 9, 2012 at 16:55
Exactly the same as naomi. I was building wall in back garden, that night had
amazing cramps n right leg, Assumed i just overdid it, 2 weeks later is worse,
much worse. Went to urgent care, ultrasound, DVT...only on day 2 of warfin and i
almost pass out when i move my leg, pain is worst ive ever had. Seems tylenol
helps, allows me to sleep in 4 hr batches, before it wears off. Ive been icing and
heating,elevating and compressing. At what point does the leg actually feel like it
can be used without excrutiating pain? I see others on here talking about walking
around etc, there is no way on this earth i could do that, sitting up is about the
most i can do.
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #12 by Chris
Posted: August 9, 2012 at 21:24
Check with your doctor but i wouldnt ice a new clot. That will just slow down the
blood flow and could make things worse! For me, it took about two months
before I could hobble much. I can walk for miles now two years later. Have you
seen the attract study on this web site about removing new blood clots? I'd
suggest looking into it right away. It may be able to remove this clot for you. You
don't have much time, only a few days left to get this done.

Best of luck to you
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #13 by Ron
Posted: September 29, 2012 at 20:07
I have been on Hospital 5 times for PULMINARY emboli and severe DVT witch is
causing me EXCRUTIATING pain. My Leveles keep going crazy up to 14.0 at one
and 7.3 last test. I'm checked every week and I am perplexed that they can't get it
therapeutic. When my level was 14.0 I couldn't believe the Ergency of it I felt fine
but a call from Dr at 7am imidaitly go to Hospital. So I did they acted like I was
dieing witch scared me Teribly bad. Not only did I have a clot in left leg my levels
were so hi? Now I know warfarin thins the blood, how is it possible to have a clot
still. I imidaitly was rushed into surgery to implant an Cook Celect VENA CAVA
FILTER. Now all this started because of severe atrophy do to hip AVN and a gait.
The dr says I category 1 medicle terms. The most Criticle!! Now I can't even walk
more then 10 to 20 feet without stoping in pain. I use a walker and crutches for
the past 2 years and it only seems to be gettin worse. I wear two sets of
Compression Stockings everyday all day as the pain is just excruciating. I have
been on very powerful narcotics for years and what it's doing to my liver I don't
want to know. The insurance company ZURICH IS FIGHTING ME when I have all
documents that proves how and why this has happened. I don't mean to write a
book here but after finding this site. I see I'm not alone! What can I do to help with
the pain. I often wonder will I ever be able to walk and run again. I'm 47 and been
disabled since 2005 and these recent events are because the insurance delayed
and delayed my hip surgery now not one dr will touch me until I'm therapeutic
and at that ounce they find I'm taking Warfrin they say no way. What can I do?
Please help if any one has any advise I sure could use some guidence. Thanks for
your time.
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #14 by carmen
Posted: July 26, 2013 at 19:23
Had meniscus surgery, was excited to almost be walking again and was happy the
pain was gone. Well what i didnt expect was 3 weeks after surgery, i started to get a
horrifying pain in my leg. I bared thru it thinking it i had overdone exercising my leg,
after 9 weeks of being stuck in bed! I waited out the weekend and saw my dr on the
moday, we both figured it was tight muscle or pinched nerve. Couldnt do much
testing because i couldnt move from the pain. He gave me some pain killers and
muscle relaxers so i spent the next few days sleeping, but the pain kept getting
worse. i couldnt even move from my bed, not even roll over. Friday, my birthday, i
couldnt take it I went to emerg. My heart was racing, the pain was was worse then
anything u could imagine (that includes child birth, and I had a baby 9lbs 13 oz). Well
that dr, completely ignored the fact i stated it was my leg in pain, he kept assuming it
was my knee. He did and xray, found nothing and set me up an earlier appointment
with my ortho, and said suck it up and sent me home. Saturday, the pain was bad i
would rather have been dead. Not only could i not move but even then the leg was
throbing, my heart was racing, i was about to pass out. I started massaging behind
my leg and felt my vein protruding. I then grabbed a mirror and saw a lump. Rushed
back to emerg. Lucky today the dr who i saw weeks before when i broke my meniscus
was there and recognized me. He came over to ask how i was and saw how much pain
i was in. He felt the lump behind m knee and sent me for ultrasound, he thought it ws
a bakers cyst. I told him no I think it was a clot. I was given a shot of fragments
(blood thinner) and some pain killer (3 shots in total and blood work). Barely go thru
the ultrasound. till couldnt straighten my leg, from surgery and pain. They were able
to see clots. Dvt dr then gave me a choice of shots and then warafin, with many blood
checks, or Xarelto. I took Xarelto (expensive). Now a week after still in horrific pain.
Pain killers at least alllow me to get up and get to bathroom. havent slept but for
maybe a couple of hours. Praying for the pain to start easing, Im hoping over the next
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #15 by Ian
Posted: February 1, 2015 at 12:28
I developed a clot traveling from NY to Myrtle Beach,SC in 2013. No warning or
pain. Arrived at the hotel,took a shower and while toweling off noticed my leg was
swollen. Got back home to NY and went to the er after noticing the leg was huge
and felt like it would pop. Was hospitalized for a week and a half. Was given
Heparin and Lovenox and had a filter put into my lower abdomen. New Year's Day
of 2014 returned to er with huge swelling and was hospitalized once again. After
many different experiments I am now on 9.5 mg of warfarin. Over a year later, the
pain in my lower leg gets so excruciating. Sometimes there are stabs of pain like
needles, other times straight PAIN. The dr just gives me acetaminophen-cod3.
Which I take only when absolutely necessary. For the first time I had to take 2.
Because the pain did not want to go away. I wear the compression stocking when
I am up and about. The swelling goes down when I'm resting, but the pain..........
Somebody help. The clot was from my groin all the way down to my ankle (left
Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #16 by Surviving DVT
Posted: April 13, 2016 at 12:35
September 23, 2015, I was hospitalized for extensive DVTs. My entire left leg was clotted. Five days prior, I was in stabbing pain and my doctor was treating me for cramps ugh. Because it wasn't getting better, my doctor did an ultra sound and saw the extensive clotting. I am now 7 months after this date and my life changed. I still have pain but not the horrible 'Im dying' pain'. I still have swelling from time to time. I wear the compression sock if needed and I take Warfarin 7.5 every day. Twice a week I take two pills per day. That has been adjusted over the stretch of this issue. I just had a scan done to check and see if my clotting is clear. I'll know in a few days. May God be with each of you experiencing this.

Re: Extreme pain after DVT diagnosis- home from ho
Reply #17 by Julee
Posted: March 11, 2017 at 08:05
I know you posted this some years ago, I would just like to explain what
happened to me. I had a spontaneous dvt, not causes by anything I did
not causes by a flight. I actually diagnosed myself and went to the
Doctor. I was admitted to hospital were they found a large dvt in the
groin, I have since been told that I am at risk of another spontaneous
dvt anytime. I am on blood thinners. My foot as soon as I take of
compression wear, turns black, I suffer from terrible swelling in my
foot and calf. Sometimes I am unable to fit into compression wear or
trousers. But the pain in my leg is excruciating. Doctors do not seem to
understand the amount of pain people suffer with a dvt. Mine was one
year ago. I like to keep active, but there are lots of days were I just
have to sit with my leg up. They are not always caused be anything you
do. But once you have one, be aware. Does anyone else have excruciating
pain like me. Thanks and good luck.

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