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One new option for people who have been diagnosed with a blood clot is Thrombolysis which uses medicines and devices to remove the blood clot. While not risk free, and not offered universally, the following doctors and institutions do offer this. If you think you may be interested, it is important to act quickly. Blood clots harden within the first several weeks, making it much more difficult to remove the clot. This procedure has risks and you should discuss with your doctors the tradeoffs for your particular situation.
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Posted by Mark
Last Reply April 24, 2014 at 05:57
Started April 23, 2014 at 17:15
Ok se all know long periods of inactivity can cause a DVT. Flights, car travel
operations etc, so can a DVT form during the night when we are asleep? It seems
to me plausible as when asleep we are largely immobile, slow heart rate, similar
to being on an operating table where we know they can form.

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High Doses of warfarin
Posted by Sharon
Last Reply April 23, 2014 at 19:51
Started February 6, 2010 at 17:58
Here I am again my daughter is 19 and on 10/11mg daily she is bleeding heavily (constant period) but blood levels are good at 2.3 never been higher than 3.5 - Does anyone else take such large doses??

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What does it feel like when DVT becomes PE?
Posted by Tammy
Last Reply April 23, 2014 at 19:31
Started December 4, 2010 at 14:34
I'm newly diagnosed with DVT as of Monday. Still dealing with the shock of it all. My doc has been very helpful with understanding treatment, long term effects, etc. without overwhelming me. What has me the most paranoid is that she said call paramedics if I get pain in chest, back, or worst headache ever. I am pretty sure I'd know if I was having my worst headache ever but have no idea what type of chest/back pain warrants a call to paramedics. Can someone who has been through DVT moving to PE give some info about what it feels like? I get a slight gas pain and I find myself asking "hmmm, is that a chest pain? am I short of breath? nah, just a gas pain." I'm sort of driving myself nuts : )

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Posted by Dharma
Last Reply April 23, 2014 at 16:14
Started May 5, 2013 at 15:55
Just wondering if anyone is taking Xarelto instead of the other more common blood thinners. I was on Coumadin for several months after having my chronic (2 year old) dvt removed and stented and since January have been on xarelto. I feel 100% better on this newer blood thinner and I am symptom free. The Coumadin made me tired, bruised and caused severe hair loss. The switch to xarelto was my hematologist idea. He said it is as good at preventing clots as Coumadin. I know there is currently no known reversal agent but I live a pretty low risk lifestyle so for me it is worth the risk.

I have been on it everyday since January 2013 and plan on taking it for at least another year...maybe longer. Has anyone else been put on this for dvt prevention? If so have you had any side effects?

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how long does the pain in the leg last
Posted by Angela
Last Reply April 23, 2014 at 14:39
Started July 3, 2010 at 21:38
i had dvt in my left leg abt a week ago and was hospitalized for 5 days, am now on warfarin. i would like to know how long it will take for the pain in the leg to go away cos the pain is simply unbearable. would also like to know when i can go back to work. has any one gone through the same out there. pls help

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SeverePain DVT - Calf
Posted by John
Last Reply April 23, 2014 at 13:32
Started April 21, 2014 at 16:39
A little background....I suffer from numerous medical conditions
including Avascular Necorisis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Multiple
Joint Replacement Surgeries, etc. I have been taking Morphine Sulfate
ER and Oxycodone for pain for the last 6 years. My doses hasve
increased from 30mg twice Daily to the current dose of 200mg Three
Times Daily (600mg per day) on the Morphine and from 5mg 8 times daily
to the current 40mg 8 times a day for the Oxycodone (320mg per day).

I seem to do fine with the MS as it works fairly well and only
occasionally have to take more than prescribed. The Oxycodone, on the
other hand does not work as well at the prescribed doses and I find
myself taking much more than I should and my tolerance has gone
through the roof!

Last week I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg. I am no stranger
to DVTs as I have had several in my legs arms and 2 in my lungs. This
particular DVT is extremely painful....I am restricted to my recliner ... read more

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Posted by DANIELLE
Last Reply April 23, 2014 at 13:30
Started February 23, 2011 at 18:05
Can anyone tell me if your periods have been so haevy while on blood thinners. I am going on day 4 and going threw super tampons every 2 hours plus noticing large clots. I know they told me my period would be heaver but my i cant take it!!!!

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Posted by Zeb
Last Reply April 21, 2014 at 23:43
Started October 2, 2012 at 04:29
Folks Xarelto is so much better than Warfrin! Less side effects no INR checks ever! It has been shown to be more effective at preventing specifically DVT's than Warfrin or Lovenox. It is approved in Canada all of Europe and most of Asia for DVT prevention. I hated Warfrin so bad I convinced my doctor to put me on Xarelto. Best decision ever. Ask/beg your doctor for Xarelto you will be happy you did!

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Anyone else taking Xarelto?
Posted by Ken
Last Reply April 21, 2014 at 16:42
Started June 6, 2012 at 09:38
Dear All
Basically, two months ago, I had a knee operation and ended up with a DVT from ankle to my thigh in my same leg as the knee operation
I have been put on the new drug Xarelto which my Vascular Specialist (referred to him after surgeon detected DVT a fewdaysafter the Operation) says it cuts out the need to monitor blood level continously etc. and is a much improved medication for DVT
Does anyone else take this drug? Your experiences would be most appreciated
For sure it will not help the pain, as it is still awful when standing and even sitting in office etc.
I wear full length stockings, still have a swollen leg and what look like fluid allaround my knee surgery area, which the surgeon says he might drain, but I am reluctant to let him near me again!
I assume from the sit I have perhaps years of pain to come
Feedback welcomed
PS I go to gym, do not smoke and al the rest, but have to fly long haul twice a month - frightended to death I have to say also

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stopping warfarin
Posted by suzanne
Last Reply April 21, 2014 at 11:33
Started October 27, 2009 at 18:19
Im going to be coming off warfarin next week,i have been on it a year.Im feeling nervous about it and scared i will get another clot,im going to be worrying if im sitting too long etc,did anyone else feel the same when they stopped?Im going to be having a blood test a month later to see what my blood is like when off warfarin,i have factor v leiden,depending what my blood is like will determine weather i will have to be back on the warfarin.Im only 27 so the doctor doesnt like the sound of me been on it for life.Has anyone had side effects when stopping warfarin?

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Stents for May Thurner Syndrome
Posted by Leann
Last Reply April 21, 2014 at 10:31
Started June 30, 2009 at 18:25
Can anyone help? I'd like to hear of anyones experience of having stents fitted due to May-Thurner syndrome.How was the pain after surgery? How long were you down? How soon were you back to your normal activity?I have had two angioplastys and After surgery I had to lay flat on my back without moving for 6 hours and then I was sent home that evening.Will it be similar to anything like this? Any advice to get me through this would greatly appreciated. I will be having a stent placed due to May Thurner Syndrome in Late August.I am 16 years old.


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Sex drive and warfarin
Posted by Lucy
Last Reply April 21, 2014 at 09:40
Started January 14, 2010 at 01:12
I have been on warfarin for about 8 months and have had zero sex drive since. Has anyone else had this side effect, and did you get your sex drive back after you came off warfarin?

Sorry, this is a more risque topic for this forum, but I want to know I am not alone, and want to know if it is going to come back! I am only 26!

Looking forward to any answers,

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Duration of anticoagulant therary
Posted by LeoDN, 44, NY
Last Reply April 20, 2014 at 06:01
Started April 18, 2014 at 17:34
Hi all. This paper is relatively new (February 2014). It is the first
I found that clearly states clear guidelines for extended
anticoagulant therapy (to be fair, other also do, but there was always
something in the others the seemed a bit gray to me). Given the side-
effects of anticoagulant therapy, the risks of bleeding and the risks
of recurrence if one is not taking anticoagulants, this is a very
important topic for us who had DVTs and PEs. I personally think that
it is too important of leave the decision to the doctor alone. The
paper is relatively easy to read (and like all papers one does not
need to understand everything to make good use of it).

"Duration of anticoagulant therapy for deep vein thrombosis and
pulmonary embolism" by Clive Kearon http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24497538

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Brown spotting
Posted by Francisco
Last Reply April 20, 2014 at 05:58
Started April 15, 2014 at 19:22
I'm a 25 year old male and had a DVT about a year ago (genetic
predisposition to blood clots). About a month ago I started getting
brown spots all over the leg, specially in the ankle part. There's
also a little bit of swelling at the end of the day but no ulcers or
anything like that.

I know the brown spotting is a sign of PTS and fairly common after a
DVT but I'm wondering if I can go away with exercise and/or losing
weight. Has anyone with the brown spotting have had it decrease/go
away completetely? Anyone know why it happens?

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Wasting Lovenox
Posted by Jen
Last Reply April 20, 2014 at 05:54
Started April 18, 2014 at 20:19
I have the prefilled generic lovenox. It has 6.0 but only need 5.0. How do you guys
dispell the extra?

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DVT and Pregnancy
Posted by LB
Last Reply April 20, 2014 at 05:22
Started January 27, 2010 at 17:10
Has anyone gotten a DVT due to pregnancy? How were you treated? Was it during your pregnancy or after your pregnancy? And how did this affect later pregnancies?

I am 23 years old and developed a DVT in my left groin at about 37 weeks. I went in for an ultrasound due to pain and swelling and they didn't find anything. Four days later, with worsening symptoms, I went in again and had a clot that was almost a foot long. I was in the hospital for 10 days before they induced me. I had a healthy baby girl and then was put on coumadin for 6 months. I still have residual clot that probably won't go away. My leg still swells and my veinsd are quite the sight. My Dr thinks I'll probably have to do blood thinners throughout all future pregnancies.

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PEs from DVT
Posted by Carole
Last Reply April 18, 2014 at 17:22
Started April 18, 2014 at 15:29
I have pulmonary embolisms in both lungs from a large clot in my right thigh.
Luckily, I'm alive because I've had this for several months, and I thought it was
severe asthma. I've been in the hospital for six days on blood thinner, and I think
my INR will be a 2 by tomorrow according to the doctor.

One thing I'm finding is every nurse is giving me a different picture of what I can
expect. One says there's a chance of forming new clots and sudden death, and
others say I'm okay now because of the blood thinners. I don't know what to
think. Last night I was searching the web, and I got really scared and had a lot of
anxiety. The main thing I'm going to have to do is calm down. It's out of my

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Weight gain on Warfarin
Posted by Teresa Blackman
Last Reply April 18, 2014 at 14:34
Started January 14, 2007 at 17:12
Hi All'
My husband was diagnosed with a DVT in August. He is taking warfarin, however he has found that he has gained a stone and a half in weight. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Joint Pain and Warfarin
Posted by Christel
Last Reply April 17, 2014 at 22:43
Started April 13, 2012 at 13:59
Hi, I have been taking Warfarin since December and I have like many tiredness, and often feeling really cold and shivery. I kinda accepted these side effects but I have been recently experiencing a lot of joint pain in knees and legs which has greatly reduced my mobility. (Am also waiting for a knee arthroscopy) I have just had blood tests back and i have been told I have very raised blood levels showing there is a inflammation and I will now have to see a rheumatologist asap. Before the injury i had and DVT last december I was very healthy and always on the move at work, ggoing to the gym sometimes and although not ultra sporty by any means i was fit and active at the least and had no joint issues.
Has anyone else experienced joint pain on Warfarin? Has anyone else had their medication changed from Warfarin as a result of joint inflammation? Would love to hear your experiences if this affected you. I am gathering info on this so that i can go to my doc armed with some potential ev... read more

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Portal Vein Thrombosis
Posted by Dana
Last Reply April 15, 2014 at 22:06
Started September 25, 2006 at 18:10
In July of this year I was diagnosed with a blood clot blocking my portal vein (to the liver) My symptoms were pain and extreme nausea. The ER docs misdiagnosed this as gallstones, but 2 days later my GP ordered a CT with contrast, which found the clot. I still have pain, although not as severe or as often. I'll be on blood thinners for 6 months I'm told. My only risk factor was the birth control pill. Since this is so rare, I feel as though none of the doctors really know what to expect so far as a prognosis or complications. A repeat scan 5 weeks later showed no change in the clot. Does anyone here have this condition? I would be interested in hearing your experience.

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