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One new option for people who have been diagnosed with a blood clot is Thrombolysis which uses medicines and devices to remove the blood clot. While not risk free, and not offered universally, the following doctors and institutions do offer this. If you think you may be interested, it is important to act quickly. Blood clots harden within the first several weeks, making it much more difficult to remove the clot. This procedure has risks and you should discuss with your doctors the tradeoffs for your particular situation.
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Superficial Thrombophlebitis
Posted by Matt
Last Reply October 8, 2015 at 21:25
Started January 5, 2008
Hello All!

A Happy New Year to everyone! I spent New Years Eve in the hospital getting going on anti-coagulants after going in for a doppler exam that revealed a sizable clot in the Greater Saphenous Vein of my left leg from just above the knee extending up 6 or so (my first clot of any kind). I have no risk factors to speak of. I was told from the start that I had DVT. Technically the GSV is not a deep vein, its a superficial vein which carries roughly 18% of the blood back from the leg so Im pretty sure that what I have is technically referred to as Superficial Thrombophlebitis (STP). I was told to go to the emergency room straight away and begin anti-coagulant treatment in my opinion this was the right move because my clot was growing towards the saphenofemoral junction this is where the superficial GSV joins up with the deep femoral vein.

Has anyone in the group experienced this? Id love to chat with you.


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Posted by CC
Last Reply October 8, 2015 at 08:59
Started November 23, 2011 at 18:53
I received my one and only acupuncture treatment and 3 days later had DVT in both legs. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

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Sudden Drop in INR
Posted by Paula
Last Reply October 8, 2015
Started October 28, 2009 at 21:39
I have been taking warfarin for 13 weeks now and for the past 6 weeks have been in range between 2.0 and 3.0.

On Monday my INR dropped to 1.4. I haven't missed any doses, changed my diet or taken any other medication.

The clinic doctor was stumped and upped my dosage to 11mg on Monday and 9mg yesterday. Went for another check this morning and my INR was 1.6.

Now he has upped my dosage to 12mg tonight and tomorrow, 8mg on Friday and 9mg Sat/Sun and another check on Monday.

I am a little concerned about how much warfarin he has asked me to take and also about why my INR has suddenly dropped so low.

Has anybody else experienced this during their treatment?

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Questions re: DVT/PE
Posted by Lainie
Last Reply October 7, 2015 at 13:38
Started April 25, 2011 at 02:49
2 months after being diagnosed and hospitalized with ulcerative colitis I had a dvt & pe. My skin color - very dark - has changed right about ankle on both legs (left side is worst), has anyone else had this? Will normal color return? Also, when I was discharged from hospital in September I was on 1 mg of coumadin daily. I am currently taking 7 mg daily. My pt/inr readings are always less than 2. Is this increase normal? I had a doppler done last week and asked for results to be sent to me. I received them yesterday in the mail. It stated that the peroneal & posterior tibial veins were poorly visualized due to swelling. I see my doctor tomorrow, if she does not recommend it, should I ask for further test to rule out another dvt

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Compression stockings
Posted by Mike in NY
Last Reply October 7, 2015 at 11:15
Started November 19, 2008 at 19:22
I was diagnosed with severe DVT from groin to both ankles and also renal thrombosis in April. My complete story is on here in a couple of places under just Mike. My question is related to compression stockings. Anyone have any tricks for keeping knee high stockings to stay up. I have to pull up my pant legs and adjust mine all through the day. Originally I was told that I had to wear thigh highs but I am a very large guy (6'3" 280 lbs) and cannot find a pair that fit unless custom made and I live in a very rural area and the closest place to get them custom fitted is 3 hours away. My Dr gave me 2 pairs of xxl knee highs and told me to try them. The most severe of my DVT was in my lower leg. They seem to fit ok but roll down alot and start to feel like they are cutting off circulation. Any tricks or ideas would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Posted by DANIELLE
Last Reply October 7, 2015 at 06:47
Started February 23, 2011 at 18:05
Can anyone tell me if your periods have been so haevy while on blood thinners. I am going on day 4 and going threw super tampons every 2 hours plus noticing large clots. I know they told me my period would be heaver but my i cant take it!!!!

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Elevated d dimer w/out cause??
Posted by Chris
Last Reply October 6, 2015 at 16:58
Started December 31, 2011 at 17:15
Hello eveyone. Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm extremely concerned about my g/f. Here's the story. I will try to make it fast. For the last several weeks my girlfried has had extremely elevated blood pressure and a rapid heart beat. We went to the ER last weekend where her BP was 215/115. Treatment was given and her blood pressure returned to non life threatning levels (155/95). She left the hospital with a rx for Lisinopril. The med seems to be working for the BP but her pulse remained at about 110-130 constantly. Well, yesterday at work she had trouble breathing and went back to the ER. Heart test came back normal (chest xray, enzymes, stress test). However, her D Dimer test was way elevated at 2.6. I believe normal is .50. So she was immediately rushed in for CT scan of the lungs cause they suspected a pulminary embolism. The CT scan came back clean. Today they are gonna release her and told her not to worry. No blood clots, or DVT (although they did not test). The doc says... read more

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Exercise after massive DVT?
Posted by Jennifer K.
Last Reply October 6, 2015 at 16:07
Started July 3, 2006 at 01:13
I was 35, fit, healthy, never took birth control pills, no serious injuries... and then out of nowhere I had a massive dvt in January 2005 and nearly died. My left leg and left side of abdomen and groin were affected and I am still using a walker (frame) to get around. I'm on Coumadin daily, and also am eating some spinach every day (for me, the vitamin k helps my inr levels to stabilize).
I have gained approx. 100 lbs and am by far the largest I have ever been. My doctors tell me in the same breath that I must lose weight, but to not do anything to elevate my blood pressure (which is low) or my heart rate!
There's a serious risk with having lyposuction, etc, so other than that, how am I supposed to lose weight?! I DO watch what I eat, am careful about what I eat and how much and am eating far less than what I ate when healthy and fit (pre-dvt), but I'm huge. My pharmacist pointed out side effects to Coumadin such as weight gain, insomnia, hair loss, and I have all the side effec... read more

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Delayed diagnosis by doctor
Posted by Anna
Last Reply October 6, 2015
Started November 24, 2011 at 22:25
Why are doctors so bad at diagnosing dvt? Especially in younger people. I was
diagnosed with dvt after some delay. How long did you wait to get diagnosed
and treated.

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Posted by JACOB
Last Reply October 5, 2015
Started March 28, 2012 at 22:30
Hi everyone. Im Jacob, age 29. After the last DVT in January 2012 (4th
in my life) I was put on warfarin for a life-time. I was also advised
to wear those bloody compression stockings. Everyone says they are a
must, and they do the job. But I just cannot wear them.

I got one in Poland and I could not wear it at all. It caused a pain.
The skin around my ankle is already very soft and I felt very
uncomfortable after 20 minutes of wearing that bloody sock !

And now Im living in the UK... they gave me another sock. The leg was
measured etc. but unfortunately it is the same thing. Pain and pain.
It makes more pain than it is without that stocking.

Has anyone experienced that as well ? What should I do? If I don't
wear that stocking, is it gonna be more harmful for me ?

Pls help !

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Greenfield Filter
Posted by Lisa
Last Reply October 4, 2015 at 15:10
Started June 10, 2008 at 23:06
Does anyone have a greenfield filter? Would like some info on it. I have one and it is occluded

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Posted by SHAWNEE
Last Reply October 4, 2015 at 14:25
Started April 17, 2008
I am 30 yr old female, weight is 135,don't smoke and don't drink. My left legs hurts really bad. Started numbness and tingling in butt from sitting on chair at computer. Then pain was in the crease of bottom of left butt cheak. As time went on the pain went further down. It hurts now to sit on my butt on the chair and pain, tingling and soreness goes down my whole left leg now. Been happening for about 4days now. When i stretch out my calf it feels like the muscle been stretched too far already. I have not gotten hurt or did any thing to hurt my leg.
Sometimes i get sharp pains in my leg. There is no swelling,reddness or skin that feels hot. Although sometimes it feels warm on the inside. It hurts to push on certain areas on the back of my thigh and down. Skin feels very sensitive to touch. Like having the flu.
I was diagnosed w/3 leaky heart valves and i am taking propranolol for high heart racing. I was soooo scared that i had a blood clot in the leg that i rushed to the ER and ... read more

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Warfarin and periods
Posted by Anne
Last Reply October 3, 2015 at 10:44
Started October 10, 2009 at 10:06
I stopped taking warfarin the 25th of september. Was supposed to get my period the 7th of october, but so far nothing and its normally very regular.
Anyone has similar experience after stopping with warfarin?
(2 negative pregnancy tests)

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Exercise Bike and DVT
Posted by NJH
Last Reply October 3, 2015 at 01:26
Started October 28, 2009 at 12:49
Hi All, I just want some advice please.

Has anyone had an extensive DVT from Groin or higher to Ankle and have tried exercising on a exercise bike? If so, how did your leg stand up to the movement? Is it better than walking - I find my leg starts to swell after about 10 mins of straight walking? I really do need someone with this type of extensive DVT to reply as small clots don't seem to have the same impact on exercise capabilities than large ones from what I have read thus far.

Thanks to anyone that can assist.

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Anyone else taking Xarelto?
Posted by Ken
Last Reply October 2, 2015 at 04:31
Started June 6, 2012 at 09:38
Dear All
Basically, two months ago, I had a knee operation and ended up with a DVT from ankle to my thigh in my same leg as the knee operation
I have been put on the new drug Xarelto which my Vascular Specialist (referred to him after surgeon detected DVT a fewdaysafter the Operation) says it cuts out the need to monitor blood level continously etc. and is a much improved medication for DVT
Does anyone else take this drug? Your experiences would be most appreciated
For sure it will not help the pain, as it is still awful when standing and even sitting in office etc.
I wear full length stockings, still have a swollen leg and what look like fluid allaround my knee surgery area, which the surgeon says he might drain, but I am reluctant to let him near me again!
I assume from the sit I have perhaps years of pain to come
Feedback welcomed
PS I go to gym, do not smoke and al the rest, but have to fly long haul twice a month - frightended to death I have to say also

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Foot pain and swelling
Posted by Susy
Last Reply September 30, 2015 at 19:19
Started August 3, 2010 at 08:02
Has anyone experienced this after a DVT? I had my DVT back in December/Jan and am now off Warfarin. Everything has been fine up until a week or so ago when I started having this foot pain, worse in one foot than the other. It has gradually been getting worse and my feet feel really heavy and painful.

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Could this possible be DVT?
Posted by James
Last Reply September 30, 2015 at 14:38
Started September 30, 2015 at 14:38
So, probably 6ish weeks ago I noticed my right right lower leg (knee
to ankle) was 'bigger' than the left. It looks wider/fatter but I
couldn't tell if it was swollen or not. I briefly read about DVT and
thought there had to be pain, so I ignored it and went on with my
life. Recently I started thinking about it again, it's still bigger
and I don't know what to think.

Could it even be possible to have DVT that long with no pain? If the
swelling was from DVT, wouldn't there be pain after 6+ weeks of
blockage? It doesn't seem to be any bigger than it was 6 weeks ago.

I know the obvious answer is to go to my doctor but I don't have any
other classic signs other than 'swelling', I'm 23 and I'm almost
certain I'll be fobbed off.

Thanks for any help.

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L Arginine Factor V Leiden
Posted by Deanna
Last Reply September 30, 2015 at 12:57
Started September 16, 2012 at 22:54
I have Factor V Leiden, was diagnosed a year ago. I had a superficial Cephalic
vein clot in my arm that moved into my Subclavian and became a DVT. After 2
weeks on Coumadin I developed a superficial clot in my leg, I was at therapeutic
levels when it occured. I had to quit Coumadin because I had an allergic reaction
from it and also lost 75% of my hair. I was on Lovenox but my prescription
benefits were exhausted after the 2nd month because it is $6,000 a month. Long
story short I can't take Coumadin and can't afford Lovenox so for the last 2
months I have not been on blood thinners. 4 days ago I woke up with a clot in my
other leg. I have not been to the ER to see if it is a DVT or superficial but the pain
is horrible. Has anyone tried L Arginine to break up clots??? I need some help.

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Joint Pain and Warfarin
Posted by Christel
Last Reply September 30, 2015 at 09:14
Started April 13, 2012 at 13:59
Hi, I have been taking Warfarin since December and I have like many tiredness, and often feeling really cold and shivery. I kinda accepted these side effects but I have been recently experiencing a lot of joint pain in knees and legs which has greatly reduced my mobility. (Am also waiting for a knee arthroscopy) I have just had blood tests back and i have been told I have very raised blood levels showing there is a inflammation and I will now have to see a rheumatologist asap. Before the injury i had and DVT last december I was very healthy and always on the move at work, ggoing to the gym sometimes and although not ultra sporty by any means i was fit and active at the least and had no joint issues.
Has anyone else experienced joint pain on Warfarin? Has anyone else had their medication changed from Warfarin as a result of joint inflammation? Would love to hear your experiences if this affected you. I am gathering info on this so that i can go to my doc armed with some potential ev... read more

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How do I know my dvt has gone?
Posted by Julia
Last Reply September 30, 2015 at 08:41
Started September 30, 2015 at 08:41
I tore a calf muscle just over six months
ago.within a week it turned into a dvt.I
was put onto Waldringfield for six months.
I have now been told to come off the
Waldringfield.but how do I know if the
clot has gone or not? I'm getting worried.

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